What equipment do you have for doing the job?

We have two 100 hp John Deere tractors with 15 feet batwing mowers, which we use for most jobs. The 15 feet mowers cut three times the width of most mowers. For smaller tracts, we also have a 45 hp John Deere Tractor with a 6 feet mower.

How high do you cut the grass or brush?

The lowest we usually cut is about 6 inches, and the highest is about 18 inches. We sometimes cut a little lower to give the property a more lawn-manicured look for those customers who just want it to look nice. In these cases, we usually mow the property every 30 days.

For property with grazing cattle, the customer sometimes asks us to just cut the weeds off the top and leave as much grass as possible. Usually, two or three cuttings a year really helps to control weed growth. (We attended a three day seminar by Texas A&M to learn grass maintenance and weed control.)

How often should a property be mowed?

This depends on how you want your property to look and perform. If you want it to look more like a manicured lawn, then it needs to be mowed more often and short. Itʼs like mowing your lawn — if its done on a regular basis, it will look nice.

If you prefer a neat, manicured look, you should mow at least every 30 days. If you want to control weeds, you should mow at least twice a year — say, June and August.

Will you meet me at my property and discuss the project?

We will be glad to meet with you, if you wish, for a nominal fee. Usually, however, we can discuss the location and boundaries of the property over the phone.
I can provide a “ball park” estimate based on the size of the property. However, since there are many considerations, the only way to accurately assess the cost is to actually mow the property once.
Please note that we treat everyone fairly. For example, doctors donʼt pay more than a little ol' lady with a couple of acres. Our goal is to form long-term customer relations.

How far do you travel?

We have mowed properties north of I-20 to a few miles west of Grand Saline, to a couple of miles south of Jacksonville, east to Kilgore, and south of Frankston. Typically we only travel such distances for larger tracts of land, since we have to charge extra for transport costs and operator travel expenses.

If I am not on your schedule, how long do I have to wait?

We try to maintain a mowing circuit that minimizes equipment movement. If, at the time of your request, we are working close to your property on our circuit, we will try to work you in as we are passing the area. Otherwise, it could be two or three weeks before we can get to your property.
Please keep in mind that we try to maintain our mowing schedule, giving each customer the best service while we are working for them, as we will for you when we get to your property. Nevertheless, if you need the property mowed right away, and if we can leave our schedule, we will try to accommodate. Depending upon our location, we will have to add a "trip charge" to cover the costs of moving the equipment to and from your property.

How does your schedule work?

The mowing season begins around April 1. We follow a mowing circuit in which we "road" the equipment from property to property. That is, we actually drive the tractor and mower from one site to the next, which minimizes our costs. We start near Pounds Fields, then move to Lake Palestine East, then the Noonday Area, then Gresham, Flint, Whitehouse, and Bullard. We then haul the equipment back to Pounds Field and start over.
If we can mow your property as we pass by, we will only charge the hourly rate. If we have to make a special move, however, we must add a minimum fee for moving the equipment.

Is mowing all that you do?

No, we also trim fence lines with weed trimmers. We can also trim low hanging tree branches, provided we can dispose of them on your property.

Is there anything I can do to make the job better?

Yes, you can inform of us of any possible problem area, such as old septic tanks, old over-grown wells, large hidden stumps, old well head pipes, and so on.

Other questions? Feel free to contact us.
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