What equipment do you have for doing the job?

We have two large 100 HP 4WD tractors with 15 foot batwing mowers. The 15 foot mowers cut three times the width of most mowers which makes for a very efficient time on each job and a clean finish.

How high do you cut the grass or brush?

The height of the cut is dependent upon the need for each property. Typically, we cut between 5" and 7". We can cut up to 18" if needed. Our standards for mowing are consistent with the grass maintenance and weed control standards recommended by Texas A&M.

How often should a property be mowed?

This depends on how you want your property to look and perform. If you want it to look more like a manicured lawn, then it needs to be mowed more often, typically every 30 days is recommended. If you want to control weeds, you should mow two to three times a year, depending on rainfall.

Will you meet me at my property and discuss the project?

We can discuss the location and boundaries of the property over the phone and will guesstimate the number of hours required. However, since there are many considerations, the only way to accurately assess the cost is to actually mow the property once.

How far do you travel?

Normally, our service area is the Greater Tyler region, but we manage several properties in the surrounding counties. At times, a transportation fee will be applied to projects outside our normal circuit, in order to bring our equipment to your site. These additional fees will be discussed and agreed upon in advance.

How does your schedule work?

The mowing season begins in April. We follow a mowing circuit in which we "road" the equipment from property to property. That is, we actually drive the tractor and mower from one site to the next, which minimizes our costs. We start near Pounds Field airport, then move south through the east side of Lake Palestine, Noonday, Flint, Bullard, and finish up in Whitehouse.

If I am not on your schedule, how long do I have to wait?

If we are in your area we can typically mow your property in a matter of a few days otherwise it might be several weeks before we circle back through. All projects within that circuit are charged our hourly rate. In a scenario where a mow must be done in a certain time frame we can make that happen but a transportation fee will be applied for moving the equipment to your site.

How can I help the job go smoothly?

Inform us of any possible problem areas including but not limited to, location of old septic tanks, wells (old or new), large hidden stumps, washouts, old well head pipes, etc.

Is mowing all that you do?

No, we also trim fence lines with weed trimmers. We can also trim low hanging tree branches, provided we can dispose of them on your property. We have found that these finishing touches deliver a consistent and very polished finished product.

Are you on social media?

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