We charge by the hour for two reasons. First, because every property is different. The time required to mow two properties of the same size can vary considerably, and some properties may have obstacles that require more time to navigate or mow properly. Early spring grasses that are heavy and green usually take longer to mow than dry, thin grasses in the fall. Likewise, tall, thick weeds with water grass growing on the ground can take much longer to cut properly.

Second, without a survey it is difficult to estimate the number of acres to be mowed. We regularly find the area to be mowed is actually smaller or larger than the land owner believes it is.

We keep precise time spent on each property by utilizing the clock on the tractor. Start and end times are recorded for each mowing interval. We do not charge for any time spent servicing the equipment, fueling, making repairs, or greasing.

Depending on the location and size of the property it is sometimes necessary to charge a transport fee. This charge can potentially be reduced or eliminated for larger properties or if multiple properties in the area are serviced.